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He had that cowardly kind of foresight that might cause him to do good acts, so long as they required next to nothing of him. To him, logic dictated that such acts might pad his future well-being. In a void of ethics, a helping hand extends, but it is the hand of a salesman seeing a chance to make a pitch; it is the hand of an insurance agent. Too dull to warrant a diagnosis as alive with fearsome implication as sociopathy, he was simply a con-man too lazy and unadventurous to con, an opportunist inverted – less concerned with intercepting fortune than avoiding ruin.


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We were fairly sure we would know before it started, this time around. Imagine that – at the first sign of trouble, we would see the words, emblazoned in some market-tested font, on each and every channel. Ample time for each network to copyright its own catch-phrase :The Forever War (CNN), The War for Western Values (FOX), The War to End All War Reporting (bOINGbOING). But we were looking in the wrong places, on the wrong scales. We missed it entirely, when it came.

It was only in the January 2101 issue of (cover story: Old Enough to Drink: Modern Civilization Turns 21), that Dr. Ari Ascher, asked how we had avoided WW3, declared, “Avoided it? The 21st century was World War Three.”