Announcing Pravic Magazine

It’s finally official. The estimable David Gill of Total Dick-Head and I are starting a magazine.

Pravic is our response to the disappointingly limited offerings in SF publishing, to the dominant tropes and concerns we find ill-fitting and misplaced.

The official announcement:

Pravic is a new magazine bringing you literary Science Fiction stories, along with discussions of esoteric pop culture, music and movie reviews, and anything else we feel like. Why? We’re unhappy with the current state of SF – especially what’s being published. Having read what’s out there, we’re left feeling most of that shit is awful.

We think we can do better. We want to build a new grammar for SF.

In short, we’re here to fuck with your program.

Send your fiction, non-fiction, art, and whatever mind-bending miscellany we haven’t conceived of yet to:


So send us your stories, and if you’re a skilled illustrator, we’re interested in talking to you too.

Here’s the announcement at Total Dick-Head.

Find out what we’re about here.


5 Responses to “Announcing Pravic Magazine”

  1. […] already got one down.  Recently, while taking a break from these creative labors, he founded a new literary magazine.  At a minimum, Nathaniel plans to write, edit, or submit a little every day, but given the pith […]

  2. Ben Nadler Says:

    Jacen – I just saw this announcement. That’s really rad. I am all for fucking with the program. All literary establishments need to be destroyed. If I ever write a story that could be classified as sci-fi,
    I’ll submit it.

    • Ben, I was actually going to solicit you for a story; you’re one of the first people I had in mind. Of course, there’s no rush, but I would love it if you did write something for it – even like, magical realism or whatever would be cool. Or an article.

      Man, I wonder what the kid versions of us, sitting under some tree in Erie, would have said about all this. Does this count as making zines to make grown men cry? I think it does.

  3. Wow. When I was encouraging you to get into Dick, I never would have expected this. Bravo my friend. Bravo. – Li

  4. oh yeah and ps: tattooed behind my left ear is 2-3. behind my right, 74.

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