New Worlds

So, I’ve been pretty absent lately. School has become pretty intense, and other ventures also occupy my time, leaving precious few moments to vent steam or scribble out ideas or criticisms. I’m going to make an effort to come back, though. I can write coherently and frequently with greater ease than ever, so maybe it’s time to give it another shot. It’s likely that this time around, I’ll be talking about SF more and esoteric cosmology less; that’s not to say I’ve lost interest, but, well, it’s at a different place – a less public, less academic place. So instead, I’ll focus on the art and let it hunt out truth, instead of taking stabs at speaking truth directly (you can get in a lot of trouble for that, you know).

Relevant to this blog and my own goals, I got published! Back in March, my first “real” story, “The Exploded Manifestations of Ari Ascher,” was accepted by burgeoning e-zine Mad Scientist Journal. It’s a really cool project, and you should read the other stories too.

Also, I just signed up to participate in the Clarion Write-A-Thon, which supports the Clarion workshop program, from which writers like Ted Chiang have emerged like weird, craft-perfect butterflies (or avenging angels).

Finally for now, keep your eyes open for big news in the coming days or possibly weeks. I’m going to be starting a pretty exciting project with some pretty exciting and talented people. More when the world knows…


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