the charm of neat collapse

An unedited excerpt from a work in progress, “The Angel of Teeth.”

“Entropy is one aspect of a larger process.” The captain of the ghosts stood by the tall port window, staring into the void. Seeing him now, it was clear that the ghostliness was not purely metaphorical. His physical form was ever so slightly opaque; he was not entirely corporeal, not wholly there. “Time is a word like ‘water system.’ It has many meanings, on many scales. Time is like a river – discreet, independent, directed; it is like many rivers, each of which are time. It is also like the sea these rivers flow into, which has many currents, but not one linear objective. As the larger system within which these waterways flow ages, there is a unity of sorts, an end of rivers; but this gives way to a new age of seas. The time of seas is coming now. You will swim with us.”


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